There is this theory that Jesus didn’t find room in the inn because it is was full. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The bible doesn’t say that there was no room in the inn, but “that there was no room for them” in the inn.You have to read it with revelation that the Son was facing rejection from the onset in this world.

For jesus was the matrix breaker as displayed in colosians 2:15.So while the Pharisees wanted to be gatekeepers ,Jesus made God and holiness accessible to everyone. When i look around, i realise that the gospel is predestinated, there are people who will not believe.

Giving being made equal to spirituality,this heresy is the height of demonic ostrisitation in the church. Thus having eyes but never seeing having ears but never hearing.

Levites, nazarites, sons of arron,saints who are counted worthy to be among the 144,000 languishing and despised.Yet ” they ” hope that we shall sit at the same table at kingdom come.

Did you know you can’t loose your salvation? be condemned? be declared a sinner? after accepting Christ .Did you know immortality is a gift of right believing, that you are indestructible in the finshed work of Christ ?.

Where He did a quantum to take all your punishment at the cross two thousand years before your birth?. But before recieving the gift of condemnation, i want to embark you on how it all started, the seperation.

At age of 15, that was when i was awakened to the reality that there is a higher life.For no one puts a light under the bed but on top of the hill for all to see.I can say what seperated me was my difference.That process led me to start isolating myself, to figure out my place in the world,then at 20 i surfaced . Look at the bible, the maim ,blind, whores, the short people,generally the outcasts, they were the receivers.

But before surfacing i used to lock my self indoors. I’m abhoured by the self righteous guys who try to analyse a person during such a phase using phrases like there I sin on one ‘s life. The woman with the issue of blood was depressed ,she was justified, being away from people who rejected her ,for her condition?.

But that person you are judging is dealing with his or her life the best way he /she knows. God’s grace upon his or her life is sufficient .

So at 22 I started doing it,I embraced the call ,the seperation,to grow as Christian,as a follower of Jesus Christ . There was a place that I escaped to,to weather the effects of failure,condemnation that I had experienced in my then christian walk. “Blessed are those who mourn for they shall be comforted”(mathew5) . Back to the scene before that,i was facing a battle that was bad, so bad that i volunteered myself and told my parents I need help meaning to see a shrink .

The matrix was rejecting me and i was unsure of myself. Right now if the “shrinks knew who is writing this, they would awe at the outcome of who was before them.

Looking at our history in the faith, was Abraham justified on the basis of works or faith?. For before slaying his only son, he was called righteous, before bearing children a father of many nations. Back to the escape place, during the eight years i have mentioned that i visited this place ,a type of kadeshbarnia. It was a wilderness in the real sense,at the far edge of our neighborhood.It is here ,that I recieved the consecration,the setting apart. It is here i shed my mortality, it is here that i was changed and one day i came out a lantern.

I went there first in an endeavor to seek answers in 2005. Looking at Jesus going to the wilderness, David hiding in the caves seems God’s ppe are always heading to the wildernessa ,men of God are continiously being hidden,preserved for the glory of God.

I didn’t know that place would be my homage for the next eight years.It was spontanioius, mainly after 8.00a.m .It was at this place that God decongested me from demonic defilement and baggage.Under the law sin is alive and punishment is meted.Hell relishes at the torment of a condemned sinner. Demonic oppresion is real, I experienced it for seven years in before that season, unconsciously and eight years consciousnesly during that period of kardeshbarnea, a total of fifteen years .

They (nephlims) tormented me academically, sexually, mentally and the final blow was spiritual.