I’m graced and a lot of fruits manifest ,in this I give Jesus the glory

I’m a lyrical, literate writer ,who is also a photographer and athlete .I’m funny and innocent, that’s when you have known me.I consider myself redeemed from the curse as stated in the book of galatians chapter 3 verse 13.

I’m 32 years, and i recieved christ 22 years ago.This is my story as to how i got to this place ,where i recieved the gift of no condemnation(Romans 8:1)not works of my own lest I boast.

The revelation that Jesus loves me unconditionally as stated in first john chapter 4 verse 10,believing in His finished work at the cross.

Not forgetting the gift of no condemnation as stated in Romans chapter 8.As I begin in this finished work may the name of the lord be praised. My writing is an oration.This is a gift described in the first corinthians chapter 12 .

I’m called to the market place, to write ,like Stephen ,this is how I weigh tables in the finished work as in Acts,as he was chosen in acts chapter 6 verse one to four.

This story is my past ,present and future.A finished work. Oh! i’m also a story teller.

P.s lantern” hope to the world, light to the people”

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  1. Hey James – we wanted to ask if you are able to see our posts in your reader since we started self hosting spiritbath. we made a bunch of improvements to the site but we haven’t seen you since we moved (and we miss you!). Just want to make sure you are still getting our posts the same way you used to. Thank you!

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