REIGNING IN LIFE Hey! if i had to do it all over again ,i wouldn’t change a thing.Now i left off at March 4th 2013 in the previous chapter.I woke up in a cold Sweat, i didn’t know that in a few hours i would taste what the prophets of old experienced.This is were i left of in the chapter above.The law unbending exposeda trice holy God.”It was sweet on my tongue but sour in my stomach”. Ask Isaiah and John the disciple . Jeremiah ‘s calling ,echoes the very preparing to this experience.The feeling at that for me was, time’s up .God said to me you have been on this mountain for too long,He had been patient with me for 30 years, it’s time to choose life or death. The power of God without mercy was upon my life and my pride disqualified the grace of God. That day after voting in the country’s general election, I embarked on prayer, I was awarded.This was so that I can do God’s will. I was given over to performance so, that the full arm of the law may be unleashed. “For who can question God who chooses sovereignly, to make some vessels for honor and some for dishonor ,some for noble purposes and yet some for common purposes”.I will never tire of echoing this, for it sums up my story. I remember how men treated me badly.That’s why He is using me in the church today to be a light, a lantern.Yet the law is good .I wouldn’t not have known ,what sin is unless the law said do not and do, yet sin taking advantage of the law brought in me all manner of sufferings . Inspite of the old covenant being done away with,without the veil being removed by Christ himself,one cannot inherit the new covenant found in Christ righteousness ,the hope of glory. Yet has not God chosen the poor to be rich in faith. Paul says “show no favoritism “and openly rebuked Peter who sank into hyprocracy before his fellow followers. This was when the disciples of james arrived from Jerusalem and found peter at an eating joint where he was eating with fellow gentiles.Peter then pretended not to be with them and this even stumbled Barnabus.I was stumbled by the men of the cloth at the Nairobi church. This evil, God worked it for good. “For you have fallen from grace who are trying to be justified by the law”.Three months later,29nth of june 2013,I was safe I thought.Having chosen a lifestyle where i would avoid sunday services ,so as not to be tormented by a particular pastor who rejected me.I found it easier to live this kind of lifestyle attending weekdays. I didn’t know he would be present at that day,I was at church as it was not a Sunday.I was there for support as a fellow son was getting married. This pastor came to officiate it. When i saw him my heart sank ,i was tired of running .That moment the heavens were opened ,this had happened before this but i never went in and the grace would lift.But this time, I bitted the bullet by the head.What was prophesied in Jeremiah 31,with the backing of deutronomy 6 was about to come to pass in my life.”That in that time, no one shall tell his neighbour know him, for they shall all know me from the great to the least “. God asked me “Son do you think i have called you to preaching? “.It was a powerful question, as same asking if i really belived that if my previous conviction was God’s voice.I answered God “no” ,it broke the ceiling (through grace lest I boast) .”I’m wrong” i continued .And with that ,I recieved the abundance of grace and the gift of righteousness spoken in 1 Corinthians 5:17. I went home that evening centering in that realm prophesied in romans 5:17 that“those who receive the abundance of grace and the gift of righteousness shall reign in life”. That Sunday, a message was spoken from the pulpit about stepping out. And I stepped out that Sunday into the reception to ask for a work in promoting soap for the church.It was a church venture. Having had attended training there with the “sons”, concerning carrying the vision of a father”spiritual mentor” and armed with a book by the bishop himself on marketplace, I tredded the earth with a new found vision .Not very long after that,i got blessed with a bike which I used in marketing. I did it this for three months,then the soap business hit a snag.Knowing God loves me and he is in controI launched me into wait mode.At this time, I sought refuge in a prayer centure called mount horebs in ruiru.That year as it was near the end ,i rewarded myself by having an early vacation to the country side . The following year having contacted supervisor of the soap church venture and him giving reasons concerning the business halt,made me resit myself and know there must be an open door as I waited.I knew it was to test me,i chose to tell my story. So I launched into Facebook to tell my story. Then i opened a blog with opera to make it more serious before moving to WordPress. It’s now 4 years ,1 month,30 days since then.Like the demoniac set free ,and the woman at the well I have left my bucket and i’m telling my story to my home town.I’m telling them”come see a man who told me everything I ever did, everything, and what he did “,the shout of a king Android Android