It had been seven years plenty,all of them years of glory and prosperity for Lantern.To ensure this prosperity continues, Lantern made a vow with Elohim ,a vow that will secure Lantern’s future.Lantern vows to Elohim that he will never break that vow.

4 years later-

Under a test ,because of a woman, Lantern breaks the vow,and the hedge of that protection is broken.

Jehovah:”Son ,i love you!”

Lantern:” Then why did you let this happen to me God!”

Jehovah :”You said it yourself Son,that your part will be a sign of the covenant and i kept my part and you were not put to shame until you broke your vow.”

Lantern:”But God ,this is too much, you have put me to shame!”

Jehovah:” Rise up Son and answer me like a man, where were they, when you were broke, bursted and disgusted, answer me like a man.

Where were they ,they neither gave thee the time or day.When you sought their attention ,you got none.I picked you up ,cleaned you up.

I answered thee ,according to thy faith which was my gift to you for my purpose.Answer me if you know son.

I took you from the dunghill and gave you prestige in the world.You ate and you were full and you forgot, you forgot that yours is a high calling Son.The cream of ministry is what i built you for ,therefore repent ye from whence the height you have fallen from and worship me!.”

Lantern:” I’m sorry papa!”