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LANTERN LOVE STORIES jameslantern40.wordpress.com i was like why

i can’t live like this

this famine has been because

i have never asked

now give me

then i realised it was possible but what about my calling i love jesus more JL



Reigning in life


Hey! if i had to do it all over again i

won’t change a thing.March 4th

2013.I woke up in a cold

Sweat, i didn’t know that a few

hours i would taste what the

prophets of old experienced.

It was sweet on my tongue but sour in my stomach.

The feeling at the time was time’s


God had been patient with me for

30 years it’s time to choose life or

death. The power of God without

mercy for my pride disqualified

the grace of God.

That day after voting in the

countries general election I

embarked on prayer, I was

awarded. So that I can do God’s

will, I was given over to

performance so, that the full arm

of the law may be unleashed.Thus

i was exposed to the law


For who can question God who

chooses sovereignly, to make


vessels for honor and some for

dishonor ,some for noble purposes

and yet some for common


Remeber how men treated me


That He is using me in the church

today to be a light, a lantern

He has compassion on

whom he has compassion and

hardens those whom he chooses to

harden.Yet the law is good .I

wouldn’t nothave known ,what sin

is unless

the law says do not steal, yet sin

taking advantage of the law

brought in me all manner of

sufferings .

Inspite of the old covenant being

done away with,without the veil

being removed one cannot inherit

the new covenant found in Christ

righteousness the

hope of glory.

Yet has not God chosen the poor to

be rich in faith. Paul says “show

no favoritism “and openly rebuked

Peter who sank into hyprocracy

before his fellow followers. When

the di’sciples of Jerusalem were

arriving at eating an joint where

he was fellowshipping fellow

gentiles.This stumbled even

barnabus,i was stumbled.

In this evil, God would work it for

good. “For you have fallen from

grace who are trying to be justified

by the law”.29nth of june 2013,I

was safe I thought, I had I had

avoided the

pastor,the absorber.

I found out that he was to officiate

a wedding of a fellow son that I

had attended” that day .What was

prophesied in Jeremiah

31,with the backing of deutronomy

6was about to come to pass in my

life.”That in that time, no one


tell his neighbor know him, for

they shall all know me from the

great to the

least “.

This call had come before but

self righteousness had stopped

me.Now i had nothing to loose and

i went for it,broke the ceiling

(through by grace lest I boast) .

The first thought is ,””no !this is


God’s will” (refferring to my


to the five fold, ). I mean what

could I

possibly have done to be to


this suffering? .”I’m wrong” and

with that I recieved the abundance

of grace and the gift of

righteousness spoken in 1

Corinthians 5:17

I went home that entering that

realm prophesied in romans 5:17

“those who receive the abundance

of grace and the gift of

righteousness shall reign in life”.

That Sunday, a message was

spoken from the pulpit about

stepping out. And I stepped out

that Sunday into the reception to

ask for a work in promoting soap.

Having attended a son’s training,

about carrying the vision of a

father and armed with a book by

the bishop himself on

marketplace, I tredded the earth

with a new found vision .

Soon after i got a bike which I used





Signs and wonders/transformtion and liberty


After that ,my dad cooled down

from that point hence .It was a

mystery ,an enigma .A sign and a

wonder that the Hezekiah family

had waited for them to believe in a

God.For no logic can explain this anormally.

Jesus, that name means power, it

means salvation, it’s means

quantum infinite .Yeah he made

me, showed me they way

.Qualified the unqualified and

made a looser a trend setter.

So many reasons have been given

for this miracle that’s happened

him quitting the drink. Yet deep

down the

truth pierces their consciousness

like a hot iron for never has a human being

has ever overcame the drink while

an addict by will power (yours

truly included).

Simply put alcohol is an idol, a

counterfiet of the holyghost.

Skeptics were silenced by the

unknown, for this had not been

witnessed among the

(H) Hezekiah’ s before.

The testimony of God’s goodness

still reigns in my life by the grace



You are a na awesome God

Awesome are your ways

I remember sleeping on the floor

From getting cleaned up, to

being a man of the letter and being

unorthodox, a versatility that you

can’t really pin my description if

you only know me by my area

code, unless you see me day to day

because my drescode and hairstyle

is versatile” so everyone who is led

by the holyspirit, no one knows

where he is going or where he is

coming from”. So much to say

here that maybe there will be a

sequel to this book .

From overcoming societal labels to

having a position in the society”

and when they heard and saw this

they praised God” .

Any way, this is draft the fourteen


be precise. So only the published

book will contain the nitty gritty

,gratta!. Details that would launch

me into the next phase. Through

faith and not of my own lest i


I was in the perfect will of God

inspite of. God doesn’t mind being

misunderstood by leaders

concerned God provided His

perfect will, to come to pass.

I will tell you the truth no one can

tell you your purpose, no even

your pastor .If you can’t fathom

that reality, you are under a veil.

The truth is ,growth is not

accumulation of knowledge( it has

it’s place but apart from Christ it’s

vanity), it’s not materialism

(without sakal hebrew for wisdom)

it’s vanity .It’s your eyes being


At that time, a lady friend who

thought i was bound

recommended me to her mentor

as she esteemed him. Well so

much for that ,he didn’t help .

How could he when he was adding

to the finished work of the cross

by demanding an offering for


The lady friend though sincier was

sincierly wrong and thought her

mentor was anointed for me. But

cursed is the man who trust in

man and at that moment I came

under the curse.

Erroneous teachings, that because

you are struggling you need

deliverance is a satanic deception

in the body of Christ here in

Kenya.It stems from a

Phariseerical spirit of self

righteousness and carnal


But the church I was attending

was to sophisticated for that. But

paraventure it was double speak,

you were rejected.




not ashamed of the gospel




Seek to be justified by the law for

salvation.You know why God’ s

wisdom is despised? it’s because

you can’t take credit for it.


They are like modern day

Pharisees, they love little because

they have forgiven little, they

want all the glory of this life and

the after life.


They use the law

skillfully ,to guard their self

righteousness.But the biting  end

of this ,is form of religion has a



Some people reading my story may

weep and wonder what were you


throwing your life to church


Well i lacked a father figure for my

self ,i lacked affirmation at home .


He wasn’t there presently for me

,basically i walked around in a

spirit of orphanhood. Even now

when my dad sees me, he knows

I’m another Man’ s work.It’s a mystery that I’m forever

grateful .


Thank you father for this

opportunity to share my story with

others for making me a legend.


Back to the story. Has not nature

taught us that God has chosen

those disqualified to be rich in

faith? . “You hyporcrite! ,you claim

to uphoold the law yet you

yourselves don’t keep it”.

“Comparing yourselves one to

another instead with God’s



For a veil hangs over their eyes of

those who reject Jesus’s

righteousness for self

righteousness, not realising that

all have sinned and fallen short of

the glory of God.


For seeking to escape the shame of

the cross they heap upon

themselves curses.So it was with

time, that I started spending more

time in church

than at home. Spending more time

serving, if only they would absorb



Damn i remember how low i

was ,for mine was by faith while

others was by works.I wanted the promise while shacking with haggar.


I learnt a lot about them who were

serving. Things like they are

normal human beings, but they

have something going on for

them, it could be a good skill,

intelligence or connection,

something that something that

may appear useful to parties

concerned one way or another

,they are absorbed.


Where does that leave the weak

,the foolish, the not noble. There

is this one colleague Martin*,this

guy was faithful but he was

commonly ignored ,i felt pity for

him. For years he waited to be

justified until his fellow brethren

resented him.


Looking back, I realise that all my

life was plagued by robbery and

rejection. Yet i was in the perfect

will ,being prepared for a move of

God so wild it was good God kept

me in the unknown(the removal of

the veil ).


Rejection is a spirit that I had to

contend with on the dusk of 2012

back at home. I also recieved the

unfair end of the stick there (they

shall hate you without a reason).

My father didn’t hide this fact,

despite struggling with alcohol he

took pride in his life. Out of my

ignorance according to the

erroneous teachings I had got from

church, I sowed a seed on the altar

of the church, for him to be

delivered from the drink(i was

adding to the finshed work of

Christ) .I don’t think it’s my seed

that did it, but in His mercy, God

overlooked my ignorance and

answered anyway.



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