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The following story is about what the blood of Jesus can do to a sinner, one damned to die. My name is james lantern born again 24 years  ago.Jesus removed the veil from my eyes about four years ago . It’s a story of the gospel, that Jesus came to save sinners. He came for them.I’m the seal of his work by grace lest i boast. My story Inspired by the demoniac, when  set free by Jesus ,he was told to go back to his  town and tell them what He has done for him. Jesus is the main star in this script. It’s not really about a man, it’s a type, a revelation of God’s mercy through his Son Jesus.It’s the ol’ adage truth that Jesus came for the sick, the deprived, the downcast ,to save one under a curse about. For the law brought all manner of sin in me because apart from the law there was no knowledge of sin. Yet the law was a custodian until when the grace was to be revealed. The law here is the church where i attended. The savior is Jesus Christ, He is the begotten son of God,the Man.He is indeed the author, I’m just a vessel leaking His majesties will,a type in the story. I’m His penmanship brought up, raised up for this very purpose. Earlier almost four years ago, i was in a tough spot. Meaning I was in a cyros moment.This is  as people like to say” the cookie crumbles” . I got the essence of this phrase from Jim Carrey’s movie” Bruce Almighty”, a funny movie ain’t it .But that is Hollywood, i was a reality star with unorthodox script to act. Back to the story, that’s how it seemed ,at least in the natural for me at. I was in my room at that moment Githurai 45 to be precise.Things were not going the way I would wanted them to. Something I was involved in hit a snag.The soap business of the church I was in  where  i base most of the revelations that i recieved through religion.Well , since God loves me as stated in 1 John 4;10, I had to let go and embraced God’s flow.I ended up giving glory to God . God is good towards me, the same as he is towards anybody else.Knowing this in my part is a gift. It is by his Mercy that I live breath and have my being.A gift that I’m forever greatful for, hence this book. His mercy leads me. God’s has graced me not because I’m special, but because I’m the weakest and frailest.Through Jesus Christ, i have been empowered to bear alot of fruits,Not only for my pleasure but to build up the kingdom of Almighty God . I have nothing but glory for Jesus. I love to write lyrics,I’m an inspired linguist ,a gift I take not for granted, I like to read literature and novels(mmh! fiction aren’t they?).Also i love to write literature,take photographs ,ride my bike,shoot short films.Yah i love reading too .I like to make people laugh in a childish kind of way.I’m sure my buddies can attest to this. Galatians3:13,is a key verse to me that we have been delivered from the curse of the law. Also, my Deep anchor is Deuteronomy 6:10-12,about everything bring free to whomsoever believeth. Thirty four years have passed since my mother gave birth to me, and i recieved christ 24years ago. It has been a tough first 30 years,i’m now 34. This is my story as to how i got to this place,where i recieved the gift of no condemnation as stated in Romans 8:1. A gift that’s unmerritted, lest I boast. The revelation that Jesus loves me unconditionally as stated in 1 John chapter 4: 10.This also is a privilege.Believing in His finished work at the cross and not my own works  lest i boast. Notice I’m always pointing back to the cross .It’s an unconsciouse move regarding the victory in this book. As I begin in this finished work, led by the holy spirit , may the name of the lord be praised.My writing is an oration.This is a gift described in the 1 corinthians chapter12 . I’m called to the market place, to write ,like Stephen in Acts a fellow disciple in the early church who was chosen and given the mandate of waiting on tables, hence taking the miraculous into the market place. This is clearly described in Acts chapter 6 :4.This story is my past ,present and future.A finished a work. Oh! i’m also a story teller. I’m in my room, as i look towards immortallity.I go back,way back to when I was a small boy being taken by my mum to nursery school in 1988. I can smell the scent of beans being cooked, i was only four.I had a green apron which acted as uniform. The school was


02/05/20171 COMMENT / EDIT



Hating on me, hating on the son of man

You laugh but

your life is cursed

You worship the beast and on your hand and forehead you don the mark of the beast

you shall perish because you boast of  your own self righteousness


01/05/20171 COMMENT / EDIT

KENYAN LITERATURE/DAYWALKER jameslantern40.wordpress.com After three years and three months ,they have recognised.I made a believer out of them .They know that im there in that category .That no kenyan mortal can challenge lantern at that .JL


TEAM AFRO KEEP SIMPLE STUPID jameslantern40.wordpress.com hair is divine almost holy it’s a sign and a wonder JL



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