It to my twenty second birthday without being baptised.Now was all this a fluke? or was God working behind the scenes?. Did my father’s paganism, part of the plan ?and my mother unluckiness in getting me baptised in her church  working for my good?.

The spirit of sonship that’s what the world lacks today.That’s what the church has obtained in Christ but lost through the law.

That is the veil  , the truth of realising Jesus is apart from the law.

Now you don’t know the struggle i had, living without a Christian name,because of the erroneous mindset left by the colonial masters ,that a Christian name equals being a Christian and the churc in kenya abuse of that misreality.

The law says “if you keep the it ( all) then all this blessings will come upon you and overtake you, but if you don’t then this curses will come upon you”.

Thus now the old covenant is done away with .The new covenant we embrace ,ushered by Jesus atonement states Jesus as the propriator for our sins.

He bought u,s washed us and said that in his name He will see us through. Sadly there are those who down play his name and prefer to keep the law,they are the modern day Pharisees.

Yet I’m b . who i’m by the grace of God(1 Corinth 15:10).The second class imaginary citizenship that I walked in as a result of lacking a christian name through my primary school years,made me feel an emptiness .

It was a direct attack that i was exposed to, because of baptism erronious teaching.I felt like an outcast.

Sometimes i thought that it was the reason for  the failures in my life. Such is the waste of those who live a lie. Some body may ask me” lantern! how is it when Jesus removes the veil” ?.Of course unsumountable joy, but later you will freak out to realise that your whole life was a lie.

I subconsciously admired guys who had it a Christian name retrospectively speaking.

Finally when the stars had just lined up right ,in came the name James. You want to know how I got the name james?.One morning,I was thirteen then,and was filling papers for a high school of choice,I was required to fill three names .Then I was known as kamunya gichuki, and my dad suggested that I be called Hezekiah(I used to weep whenever he teased that would be my Christian name).Of course baptism really doesn’t warrant this but accepting Jesus as lord and saviour. Hence a name in the bible symbolizes the new identity and newness of life.

My mum at the moment by the spirit of the lord, came in to save the day, we conjured john?” no!” david ?”no!” James? “I said that’s it”. It took another ten years for me to be baptised. Presybeterian doctrine had brainwashed me that a baptism cemented my Christian name(hence heavenly approval)  a heretic teaching  .

Thus the ignorance brought condemnation. I was to be baptised in jubilee christian church Nairobi with a revelation that it’s an aftermath of salvation, in the church use here as a type.

In my younger days, i passed through Catholic meaning i wanted to join,because of my best friend Eddie.But my adolescence energy swept me away by a girl named Susan.

Jehovah witnesses guys dropped their merchandise often at our home, so I read them like comics.I even had a Muslim friend as a kid.I was normal ,i thought to myself. I was like the rest, but my calling came at age10. Watching a 1975 Jesus movie, which was acted fifteen years before that day which I saw it, changed my life and turned my life around forever(it was an Easter).

My life changed  and since that time ,all the way to my teens, to when I hit 30,i was influenced by that decision i made.It would literally undo 6000 years of corruption in my DNA.Literally undo the adamic nature.It was Easter1993,when I watched it , though not the first time .I gave my life to Christ at that time. I knew little about the faith apart from if you accept the lord jesus things will go well with you and also you will make it to heaven.

1997,I recomitted to that the decision, I had abandoned the faith in my early experience because of a deception doctrine in the church about salvation by works and not by grace .A mixture in the christian faith that still operates even today church. A veil that is hunging upon the eyes of the church. I’m talking about a heretic teaching of earning your salvation and adding to the finished work of the cross accomplished by Christ Jesus (read Galatians).

The truth is that having recieved Christ, make’s one righteous,it is a revelation taught by apostle Paul but at such an early age,i didn’t know and so was my salvation was” “snatched” by that heretic teaching.

Afterwards, i recommited to that decision at 14(my second trial) .Deep in my subconscious,my spirit begun to work in my mind that my whole life was gone, as i knew it(now that i knew i had to back it with works).In 2005,i joined the church where i was baptised,the church used here as a type .

This was a step closer to the truth for me. Here is where i was exposed to church life ,the snapshots of the kingdom that existed beyond this world’s reality .My before reality, for the  makes an unqualified one an outcast. Yet all this worked for my good, the isolation became a gift for the walk of faith and endurance.For to appreciate the grace of God you have to know the severterty of God.

To be honest i can’t really blame them (the church) .Indeed the law is attractive to the flesh. The law brings competition, energises you, gives you confidence when you have kept it (law) .Because now God “owes you” (lie).Not only that but the law is manipulative. One thinks one can twist God’s arm. But my purpose is connected to this pain,selah!. I realised the voice of God by grace.

Yet i can’t boast for it’s a work of the cross.There is something about the word of God, is it the way i escape when i read john’ s revelation? Or do quantums on galatians?, Wow  i want to do this. I want to share .The word of God in itself Is not rhema,but becomes ,only when the holyghost breathes on it, It’s a sword that cuts the enemy into pieces and logos for me building me up into a spiritual house .

Even as i read the bible, so did my heart refuse what i heard because i a veil hanged upon me. So i ran to counselers  for i believed my struggles were birthed out of immaturity yet it was the law.

All along the law made me sweat it out, for twenty years of my thirty years of  Life wasted or was it?

One man of God, a chosen indeed he is chosen, told me “son upward vision, inward then out ward”. After his counsel in  less than a year i would come face to face with the law unbending. Being tempted in every  point and be broken in four months to recieve the abudance of grace and the gift of righteousness.

This is a gift, not of ones own effort, not even the leadership i served under has acquirered it, for it’s not of works merit but faith.

Back at home there was pressure too.That is what happens when you are outside the will of God, especially when one is chosen. “For they shall hate you without reason “mathew 24. For judgement begins in the house of God. Since my dad told me he’s done with paying my school fees, I had to do something that would put him to shame.Something the world didn’t give me ,something the world can’t take it away. Something that will align me socially I thought,bring respect in thy congregation and deliver me from the condemnation that came from pulpit every Sunday.

After clearing college I decided i was going to do music. For that was and is my passion. Since I didn’t feel the grace for a tie and suit kind of job then, the social mind set that came with it(enclosure)But the truth about suit and tie is because i knew I would have trouble working in an enclosed environmental rather than an open one where i can escape and hide my scars rather than feel different.

But now 3 days a week i’m in an official,mhh interesting !. After i made my first recording gospo and never going public with it.I launched into sales.I discovered I had knack for it, but the vault of grace was stilled veiled hence a sense of discontentent still lingered. I still hadn’t found my purpose.Well, I deeped myself in church activities. Here i mean attending departmental meetings, overnight prayers,men’s meeting, I thought this would bring me closer to God. At home I practiced prayer, fasting and reading of the word.I was coming up hard in the faith or is it works? . Then there was this mentor friend I went to see during the after noons, he had grace for me but even him a time came when he was challenged by the hand of God in my life in terms of workings. This dear mentor later started recieving snapshots of grace. When he stopped attending church, settling his cause on season, I thought he had backslidden. Late nights also, I would transnight watching preaching programmes.It was very special for me, like the doctors watching a mother give birth, every night the law got stronger and I became weaker. Up yonder my victory was being prepared by my lord and savior Jesus Chris



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