was sponsored by a catholic church(St.Joseph Nursery School )in Buruburu Phase One. It wasn’t far  from where we lived about 800 metres ,buru buru house no. 280. What were the fond memories?the food, wetting the mattress where we took a nap (i was four) . Funny,my mum took me  to my first day of school, it’s not a coincscidence that it was not my father.For the pattern before hand was just manifesting in the physical, ,predestination that would lead to my adoption. that and setting apart unto rest. Going to that school, worked for my good, because I got to see the catholic world though I was not a member. The crucifix a major emblem of the catholic denomination.I once knelt before one and prayed to an inanimate objec . though Jesus was in heaven, he had risen. Hence the mystery of that religion to an outsider, was for me demystified.

Yap !,i thank God for the exposure.The school had plenty of stories for us kids,like Jack and the bean stalk,little red riding hood(For me stories were an escape to an imaginary world. That’ s where my imagination was being prepared).But as I got older, that part of me was being killed by low self esteem.I was being prepared, yet in the natural i was dying. Grown up figures who believed in make belief, were attached to my life in form of entertainers(musicians and actors) a major influence.The law is of works thus i couldn’t walk by faith, i couldn’ t inherit. The rest of the church where this book is based on, what they call anointing is simply mental fancy. By the grace of God he was faithful, he saw me through.

Now I still got it by grace.Back to the story. I drew pictures in  my head,as teachers told stories, call it day dreaming. Amazing that in the year 2000, a nursery teacher could still remember me,thirteen years later. I was fascinated by comics when i was twelve I went to my room and tried to fly after watching an episode of the warner series” loise and clerk the adventures of superman”. Okay backtracking, my mum took me to my first day in school , how time flies.I think that was important. To God be the glory. In primary school ,i remember sitting next to a girl called Mary in standard two.For some reason I felt lucky to sit next to this brown girl. She is a key figure at that stage of my life ,like a coordinate.She had a brown skin tone just like my sister.

People make coordinates in my life.In High school ,i remember washing the toilet,it was duty i was given by the school. I was in form one then equivalent of 9th grade.The early morning scent of upcountry air ruled as I embarked on that servitude task. I felt very abandoned in that boarding school. I think it was for the very fact my dad didn’t search for the school for me, but my uncle. For my 416/700 marks in k.c.p.e was a failure to my dad. He didn’t also take me to be circumcised as other boys after that k.c.p.e exam(i got circumcised 4 months late (or was it),having escaped the shame on my first term high school. Again it was another uncle who took me. As people turn to vices to escape rejection i found myself being drawn to the creator.That’s when I insisted that I be circumcised, my uncle took me. You can say from that time I lost faith in my father. I also wanted a bike at age 12 he promised me but broke that promise. In high school, I remember  sitting at the basket ball court,watching my best friend John( at the time )playing basketball,as I battled adolescence delay on my part, that was in 1998,Memories. College life i struggled, i



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