Team Afro :Keep It Simple Stupid

Teasing 15 months

You will never be the best you until you are proud of you


Just know your sound, believe right and shine #onehanneh. 


Teasing 15 months

I officially have long hair ,meaning people have stopped starering. Such is when you have gotten away with it, people blackout or something. 

My style is different ,I know the number of locks on my head. 

Teasing 14 months,

How to have long hair:

1)You have to own it ,then and only then will you rule over your hair #doityourself.

My hair is at that point people oogle, they wonder what i do, what occupation affords me the privilege of rocking a three and a half inch hair all round?.

What uncle parker told parker has kept me, “with much power comes great responsibility”.

I have jelled into it meaning i have owned my hair and hairstyle.



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