Lantern Psalms

They take they take 
Lantern lays low 
In tongues in the morn 
He brainstorms with his Father in heaven 
The Father says I have gone ahead of you son 


I thank God that I don’t get what I deserve

I thank God for all the breaks he has given me

The power not to be selfish

I thank that he took my curse and condemnation

To God be the glory

He has brought me this far

He has saved me

He has liberated me


Jezebel was strong and she used history and religion to impact me.

Evertime she gave me a Jack hammer and spear .

Yesterday i fought her she only got away with a spear.


Grace upon Grace

 I remember sliding my ass on law’s floor 

Humbled by the strength of sin

 My ankle hurting as i was mortal 

Then He found me and said

” Lantern what do you believe ?”

I replied

“That you love me “,,,,,,


I’m stronger

More stronger than my enemy who flirts 6,000 years of retarded, warped wisdom
-yeah i got enemies i fight them by taking the bread and the cup

yeah the bread and the cup

I’m not ashamed nah

a nazarite in the building

in the building


a gift to the end time church

-From victory lantern says from victory

He wonders what happened

how i keep winning it’s coz I’m justified by faith

 in anguish i laid my head to rest 

in the morning i sought the face of yahweh 

He answered by allowing me to see His prophecies through isaiah the prophet

-All his life he struggled

 Toiled for what was his,his he knew deep it was his 

portion,portion he knows deep is his

now that the world is watching him

Heathens and Church not “the Church” can relate to this

  • he prowls like a lion trying to salvage the son of man

 What he doesn’t know is that he is defeated already

justified by faith justified by faith

Justified by faith

my focu is on the prize I see him in all his glory 


no weapon fashioned against me shall prosper

 I’m covered by the blood of jesus

no weapon fashioned against me shall prosper

 Jesus took my curse yeah i’m atoned for atoned

-He filled me with the spirit

he filled me with them cyphers

 i gota do the healing so i pray over my cyphers

my writer is my father he taught to prophecy

To jesus be the glory 

To him be the glory

  • I walk the earth Seeking his glory

 as i’m rising higher in the things of God

so are “lawyers”leaving 

Seeking His portion

 I walk the earth ,bitter herbs 

the son of man

The greatest thing in the face of the earth now

-i choke, I’m angry

 I’m lonely i can’t put my finger at it

oh i got it,where my pals be

i check em ,i find love

I’m okay now,blessing time

the wicked shall be no more

you will look for them but you will not find them

-my God fights for me, he does fight for me

he is with me, his angels standing by

i will not fret, for what can man do to me

-from the least, he arose he arose

 he arose from the least

 oh ,he arose oh

from from the least 

i said from the least, he arose ouh ouh ouh

-today i woke up seeking the face of God 

knowing that he is my provider i trust him

 On top by faith,rescued by faith 

by faith seeking to become the great 

by faith, by faith i walk 

got doors opening by faith by faith

-as i saw his face

 and for the first time

it hit me than i’m a son of God and i rejoiced

  • i was theirs, i was theirs

 but they didn’t want me

 God had put it in their hearts

 so they sidelined me 

they sidelined the one that God had put a seal on

 they i think i forgot, marktiming

you gonna pay

-Justified by faith,forgiven i’m

qualified by Him

in Him, i reign so be it

I looked to God, for only he can rescue me

i looked all around for my pursuers ,i couldn’t find them


-The presence of the lord

Is the presence of life

-I look to heaven and God provides

I look to heaven and God protects

I look to heaven and God avenges

-No fear

I’m a son

No fear no fear

Christ bought me

No fear no fear

-The day walker is an enigma

Especially in Kenya’ s natural setting he is an anormally

Once in a while, he is able to warp the matrix and behold what does he see

 a police car trailing him trailing the daywalker

that’s what i’m conscious of, God’s faithfullness

God is faithful




Restoration like i never left 

What can i say i’m not afraid it”s a gift

What can i say i’m not afraid it’s a gift

What can i say i’m not afraid it’s a gift

What can i say i’m not afraid it”s a gift



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