Kenya Or Is It

Kenya or is it 
Team orange 
Being a loyal customer to this service provider dating three years ago, I can say that from what i have learnt from living and friends, no ser vice provider can beat it. 
 Men I’m humbled to be in this nation The least yet chosen For some reason the reason i’m hard on kenya its coz i grew up here ​ Yet like my mentor im embraced by others This picture was taken at the Kenya’ s metropolis city ​   This is Nairobi,the picture was taken last month Outside standard chartered bank next to mr price ​ Yap what does favor look like, it is when you do what children dream of How many dreams shattered, because they gave in to people’ s defination of who  you are supposed to be shout out again to Dr m munroe Glad lupita spoke English, in her visit to kenya Because she has found herself ,and yap let her charge that ‘s her gift ,it has brought her before kings it is amazing ,she came back to see her people ,that is virtue Yap ,your dreams are valid  go lupita these niggas what they want from me  these niggas 34 is the age  immortal l therefore don’t age  got european union backing me up  if they don’t approval you ,you have no part in my blog   the following is a true story they have studied me  they knew my peaks they knew my safe days  and after a while they would rob me a little here a little there i was discouraged  lost touch for about 24 hours then  came back stronger and more focused  they discovered that i was aware of their ploy and that at my expense play time is over  then they begged for my devotion again   ​ they are afraid of me everytime they see me  they slander my name they slander the creator  i got tired of them i handed them over to jesus  JL


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