Lantern Love Stories

Lantern love stories/ dreams diary
For three days i humbled myself before the lord 
I cried like a baby
“I have messed up my heart with women ”

After three days God moved 
1)He caused me to go to sleep early 

2)He gave me three dreams 

1St dream 

i saw the family of the one i was at their home, by this time my glory was evident to all 
He walk me up and God told me she is not the one 
He told me marry the free woman 

I repented and thanked God for setting me free 
2nd Dream 

i met this woman i overcame her 
3rd dream 
I met two women from my childhood i overcame them 
Jl 18/04/17

The most worst curse 

That can come upon one lover to another 

Is to sit at God’s seat

And judge her

You loose

Is love enough 

Is it

Will it guarantee us 

Will it 

For where your treasure is there your heart is also 


Men i told her secrets

She told me hers

But she is a liar

-Ride or die chick

Ride or die that’s my kind of chick

Ride or die chick

Ride or die that’s my kind of chick

Ride or die chick

Ride or die that’s my kind of chick

Ride or die chick

Ride or die that’s my kind of chick

Ride or die chick

Ride or die that’s my kind of chick

-Could one act change fate forever

Could one act of kindness

Cause another to loose her love

What is this which has befallen me

-I was walking the earth

I was minding my business but I’m taken

Then I saw a shadow reflecting before me but I’m taken

There she was 

she  saw me first but I’m taken

She was ebony dark, she reminded me of the blue print ‘s sister but I’m taken

She had locks one her,I said she had locks

 damn she was soph but I’m taken

-Check it

I feel like i’m gonna go on a overnight

I feel like I need to go to church and get it right get it right

I got money to the lord be all the praise

-This chicks ,what do they want from me

This women, what do they want from me

 for how long shall she hold back

doesn’t she know i have the power

 to be on whatsapp or not 

but time and chance happens to us all

-she must be readin my cypher 

in her tongue lays such perfection

 in her eyes also

i wonder if they are watching her watching her lantern epics

-Melina yeah 

had to write a song

about melina

She made my day

Yeah, about that writing

-I was walking along the road i’m like who I’m i kidding

I can’t be mad at her forever the one person I’m a slave for

God answered my prayers


-Three hills

One hill is dominating

It has an advantage over the others

And she knows it

Blue print

-They come in the visions of the night

Some i have met, some seemed i have met

Partners in this dimension I’m dating like crazy

In this dimension happenstance is the hashtag



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