Kenyan Literature


Kenyan literature 

She reads my column 
A secret admire 
But she is ashamed of me 
Ashamed to be associated with greatness
 so she settles for mediocrity 
She hates her job for the normalcy 

Yet i’m her solution 

Yet she, ,.


 38 months of pure blogging 

When i was fourteen years old, that’s when i knew i had this. I got published in April 1997 sunday nation (young nation magazine) .

My life was set .At eighteen i was a prolific journler i had books stacked up high of just pure writing. 

But fate had one final card” I had to become the daywalker “.29th june 2013 lantern in perfection walke 

d the earth. 

6 months later SHOUT OF A KING 

Jl ​



The Day walker from Kenya

Hey they better recognise

Hey they better recognise

Hey they better recognise

Got this Journalist who never recognized

Dissed her column now i searched for her spot i couldn’t recognize

I think she had recognized

She looked into excellence and was metemorphosised

-Chinua Achebe versus Wole Soyinka #Nobel

Chinua- Chinua called Europeans Lepers, they own the Nobel.

Wole-he did his work, Europeans noticed the chap and gave him the cookie.

10 reasons why Kenyan Literature would have killed my career if i was a convert

1)Believing in the system- This means i can’t dream, goodbye, DH Lawrence

10 reasons why Kenyan Literature would have killed my career if i was a convert

1)In essence, even the Don’s warn yah it’s a tight world out there (kenya).

That the land has no place for fiction,that’ s why even the Don’s themselves don’t venture into fiction but text books .

 One Don to be precise,crucified a Kenyan writer because despite having studied law, the chap had published a book which was being requested abroad, hence the gatekeepers can hinder one’ s blooming.

Obama coming to Kenya on July 28 2015 .

This is the time, that the Son of the soil is coming back home.Home of the brave, to home make way.

Hold up, wao the anticipation

of the most  powerful man, dawning the soil.

Finally ,Obama has come back to kenya.

Wow I meant woe

If you are born on this barren nation land

This pathetic creative ground

This developing third rate ground

I won accolades but not at home

Not home in this barren literary ground

But abroad ,abroad I tell yah

Mombassa Governor Hassan joho has broken the matrix from the inside. I know Neo had to die to rule the matrix, but how can this D minus guy acquire two degrees without dying.

My take he bought the papers .

-Umo to Buruburu

Buruburu to Kirwara

Kirwara to Makadara

Makadara to Nanyuki

Nanyuki to Buruburu again ah

Buruburu to Nanyuki

Nanyuki to Banana

Banana to Kisumu

Kisumu to Mombasa

Mombasa to Wakigwe

-A new wind has come to kenya, the wind for betting .As board bodies like sportpesa, betaway and mcheza offer hope to hopeless people.

Can the matrix can be broken with a correct order of number entries.

A joke goes like this:

Lender: give me my money!

Borrower: give me a few days for my bet to mature (wink)

-New books by an American agency are being bought by kenyan schools.Yeah Kenyan locals(gatekeepers) are crying foul and are demanding withdrawal of the outsourcing.



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