Daywalker 1393


A burst of synergy goes through out my soul 

I’m special i’m special 


The wicked lady versus lantern

It’s day 1387 i’m walking by faith to God be the glory it’s always good when i say it 

He has given me peace that surpasses all understanding 
He walked the earth

minding his own business until he saw her in that black jeans

He had to control himself lest he takes in too much

Like beyonce she was too bootylicious for me babe

I walk the earth like a ninja

Like a ninja i walk the earth

they thought that I will be  dead but nah nah I ain’t

i’m gonna live to the fullest

I woke up in the morning

took a bath in the prophecies of Isaiah the prophet

Then I went back  to sleep

what people spend time, energy and money to find out

I found out through a dream

I walk the earth like a ninja

 i walk the earth 

before me by day a pillar of cloud 

and by night a pillar of fire

walking along the highway

walking along it’s side walk

 looking to the future

for Christ the redeemer has loved me so

 To God be the glory, oh my God 

i’m blessed these niggas

 the heat i’m blessed

the day walker ,he walks in the day 

passes them goats he smells different

 they can’t curse me i’m free not even yoked

yeah walking the road, yeah it’s at night 

got streets lights, i live like that 

i’m not a beggar ,king in the house

shout out to jay

I guide, like the holy spirit guides

the best yet, Day walker

I look, I’m blessed i can’t complain

restfull increase

Running the race by grace yes

Thank’ s lord

I look around i don’t see him for the lord promised me this

They are my strength, yet they don’t know

People, men and women chosen before time to navigate me

Yet they don’t know ,that i pray for them inequal measure as i pray for myself

Men he doesn’t know that lantern is the daywalker

Men he doesn’t know that he is tempting the daywalker

He doesn’t know that crossing the line with the daywalker is courting death



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