Lantern and Writing​


The power of consistentcy in writing 
Every blogger will tell you the first days are like” the first time”, you are walking into the unknown .
You don’t know what you carrying but after three months you settle in. 
It’s amazing that being from another nationality, I have over 220 WordPress followers leave alone i:m a male from Africa .
Signature writing is the reward of consistent writing .


For three years i wrote over 800 cyphers (a Cypher is whatever you want it to be). 

This year, i went over them and true to the Don’ Purists i glean from, there were codes. Codes to my style ,type and content writing .

Out of them came 19 signature tags that have been breaking traffic in my blog since last week. 

1)Always tag your post not based on what’ s trending but what you are feeling

2)Go through your posts read them as if you are reading someone posts, read them again, you will see a thread, that’s you.

One day i sat down and read my work,.Reffering to content and order.

and i was like “men,,, this people who read my work are merciful “,there and then i was born.I had to make changes in how i approach my writing, from emotion to conscious writing.This is because i didn’t want to repeat the mistakes i saw.

It’s not about the content, it’s not about the number of postings, it’s the level of excellence that oozes out of your one post.

For close to two years, i had the best ever view of 56. But i got tired of this number. I tried everything but i could never break it.A week ago i swore that the world shall notice the day walker, with thirty postings i broke my own record by 33 views.

I like numbering things, kind of give them an identity.For over three years, i did it off the hat ,but there were a lot erroneous misplacements. So i cleaned up and began again .

This time i drew a table and labels of my tags. This way perfection was flirted with.

The will to be the best




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