Snapshots Of Abraham


Ten facts about money

1.Some body has to pay the price to get it you or another

2.Money opens doors

3.Money accelerates

4.Money affords

5.Money compensates

6.Money ushereth

7.Money eradicates

8.Money removes the blurr

9.Money is a gift

10.Money is a tool


Listening to his song and reading the lyrics to Eminem’ s white America,you glean the open door and platform his break from Dr dre gave him. The chance to tell those who doubted him, who doubted his worth “I told you so!”.

He uses his pain to inspire and justify his fans that if he could do it they can too.

First heard this song in 2003.

It’s only fare to balance the irony of life expressed in the arts.

I listened to” white America” it wasn’t the same since .

-Got money on my mind

Yeah every move exposes my motive

Yeah they have started noticing the Enigma the literary Daywalker

I don’t do anything for free
Lay down some k’s on the floor for me to be your ambassador

Got journalists killing their career coz they don’t want to publish me

Bad n bujee,  this song by the migos featuring lil uzi.

is one of the most trapping rap composition of the 21 century ,okay commercial bent.
– i do it for y’all

 i was made to do this
for you for you to recieve

 i was made to do this

 i was made to do this for you

Men outside in the shade

Men I’m not ashamed of the cross
No enemy can’t stop dis

Lantern epics
Hiphop feel it

I breathed it

Can’t stop cause i can’t stop

Lantern born again

24 be the years

0 religion

100% Christ


Men what can i say after penning all this psalms

I’m greatfull to El for this opportunity

Greatfull for the chance to do the greatest job which is being!



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