jesus the comforter

In a world with chaos and with man churches around,alot of people don’t know where to get help.Is it the world ,where the buck stops with a psychiatrist or is it the man churches where the buck stops with how deep your pockets are.Where do people turn to at the dead end.Suicides happening,rapings, what does all this mean?.It is at such times ,that the God hole in every heart of every human being opens and you get to live.I remember years back ,i had shut off jesus because of who i thought he was,i thought he was a dictator and that he was no fun.The religion i was fed with, made me tell him that, one day” i’m a give him a call when i’m ready”.I was 15 at the time.Seven years later as i saw the passion of christ,a witness in me asked me ,how come i believe God jehovah and not his son?the conviction that came afterwards caused me to retreat to my bedroom.I thought why do i believe in christianity and not muslimsm or buddism?all in all i took a risk and i’m glad it was paid for

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